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Car Charger White: Find the top quality car charger

Car Charger White is now a popular item. When seeking to buy a car charger, have you ever scratched your head at what all the specs mean? Technical specs can appear a bit intimidating, but once you understand what they mean, it’s pretty simple. So that the next time you’re shopping for a car charger, you can choose one that best suits your needs.

charges all mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, any USB chargeable devices with power input requirement 5V/0.1 to 2.4A. Packed with massive 30W power to share – enough to fill-in charge to 2 smartphones or tablets simultaneously.
Multiple built-in safeguards fully protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe charging. Compact, refreshing design to complement your car dashboard; sturdy construction to sustain everyday use. LED to indicate power ON.

Discover the best car charger. We test the best car chargers and recommend affordable and reliable options that can quickly charge any device.

If you regularly use a USB charger, you have a habit of charging your phone when you are on the go. It’s an ideal time to charge your phone’s battery so it doesn’t run out during the day. This can ultimately lead to fewer dropped calls and less embarrassment from a dead phone battery.

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