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COVID-19 – Coronavirus information

Instantifix Covid19 Update

Instantifix provides the fastest, easiest, and safest mobile phone repairs during COVID-19 in High Wycombe and surrounding areas. Given the recent turn of events, our team has taken up certain measures to ensure your and our technicians safety and health.

No physical contact

There is no need for any sort of physical contact when it comes to getting your device fixed. With the situation at hand, our team is trained to make sure that there is no in-person contact while giving you your device for repair.

Thoroughly cleansed

If you’re worried about touching your device after repairs, then we have got you covered. Your device is thoroughly cleaned with cleansing sanitising wipes.

Do not enter

The technician handling your request will be taking and returning your devices from your doorstep, all repairs are carried outside in our specialised repair vehicle. Our technician do not enter your premises.

Returned with care

Not only are your devices cleansed using sanitising wipes, but they are handled with the utmost care. Technicians use fresh disposable gloves to ensure there is no transfer of any kind of risk while handing you the device.

Benefits for key workers and emergency services

Around this time, key workers and other emergency services need our utmost support, thus we have made sure to prioritise them.

 Key workers

If you fall under the category of a key worker, then we will make sure to put you on top of lists and give you the quickest Mobile repair during COVID-19 service in High Wycombe.

Emergency service

If you’re working with the NHS or any other emergency service such as the police or fire service, then you get a 10% discount for any repair work that you require.

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