iPod Touch 5th Gen Repairs

Make: Apple

Model: iPod Touch 5th Gen

Select iPod Touch 5th Gen Repairs

Total Repair Cost: £ 0.00

Screen Repairs ( LCD & GLASS ) £59.99

Battery Replacement £34.99

Charging Port Repair £34.99

Liquid Damage Repair £39.99

Power Button Repair £34.99

Loudspeaker Repair £34.99

Front Camera Repair £34.99

Rear Camera Repair £34.99

Wife - Antenna Repair £34.99

Software Fix £29.99

Headphone Jack Repair £34.99

Full Diagnostic Service £19.99

Other Repair


Total Repair Cost: £ 0.00

Here you will find Instantifix iPod repair services for your iPod Touch 5th Gen. It features Apple’s A5 chip as well as support for Apple’s Siri.

You need for an iPod Touch 5th Gen repair? You’ve found the right place! Instantifix fixes hundreds of iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G’s every month, so you can rest assured knowing that we pretty much have all the parts and tools necessary to fix practically any issue that may arise, whether it’s hardware issues, software issues, water damage, cracked screen, charging problems, WiFi problems, etc. etc. Instantifix can help.

You can easily replace the screen in your iPod Touch 5G. Great replacement battery module for your iPod Touch 5th Gen. This is a replacement battery for the iPod Touch 5th Gen. If your battery is not holding a charge as long as it use to it might be time to replace the battery. This is the battery you need to get that iPod Touch back up and running again. Some screens have separate touchscreen glass and LCD components, therefore if the touchscreen does not respond and the image still displays properly, you only need to replace the touchscreen glass. If there is no display or a distorted display on your screen, the LCD screen needs to be replaced.

Have you dropped your iPod Touch 5th Gen and the screen is cracked / broken?
Is the battery losing its charge quickly?
Problems with the charging connector, camera etc?

If you have any of the problems listed above, bring your Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen to us and we will perform a free diagnosis.

The iPod Touch 5th generation has a 4-inch touchscreen retina display, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is the first iPod Touch display to have a retina display with multi-touch technology, pixels now sensing touch and displaying the image at the same time.

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