iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs

Make: Apple

Model: iPod Touch 4th Gen

Select iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs

Total Repair Cost: £ 0.00

Screen Repairs ( LCD & GLASS ) £34.99

Battery Replacement £34.99

Charging Port Repair £34.99

Liquid Damage Repair £39.99

Power Button Repair £29.99

Loudspeaker Repair £29.99

Front Camera Repair £34.99

Rear Camera Repair £34.99

Software Fix £29.99

Wife - Antenna Repair £29.99

Headphone Jack Repair £29.99

Full Diagnostic Service £19.99

Other Repair


Total Repair Cost: £ 0.00

Have you dropped your iPod Touch 4th Gen and the screen is cracked / broken?
Is the battery losing its charge quickly?
Problems with the charging connector, camera etc?

If you have any of the problems listed above, bring your Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen to us and we will perform a free diagnosis.

If your Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen is stuck on the boot logo or is not operating as normal, there could be an issue with the operating system. Drop it in to us in and we’ll assess the problem. We can replace your screen, fix camera issues or give your battery a boost. Not sure what’s wrong? Our technicians can run a diagnosis too.

Additionally, we promise to repair and return your damaged iPod Touch in two hours or less. All of our Instantifix locations are conveniently restaurants so you finish your shopping while we repair your iPod Touch. Fin located next to shops and ally, we are happy to offer a fully backed one year guarantee on all iPod Touch 4th Generation repairs.

We offer an iPod repair service for the Leeds and West Yorkshire Area, The majority of iPod devices currently in circulation in Leeds are the 4th generation iPod touch’s. While these are particularly pleasing to the eye, they were not built with durability in mind, a common complaint from our customers is that the glass breaks a little too easily. The 4th generation iPod screen replacement is a little different to iPhone screen repairs in that the digitiser and LCD are held in place by an adhesive that is applied at factory. A great majority of shops struggle with this repair for this reason, not just any adhesive can be used to hold the screen in place and we are regularly required to put right botch jobs performed elsewhere.

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